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What value do I add? Who are you really hiring?



A branding virtuoso with a blazing passion for creating winning brands.



A mad scientist product designer with a passion for transforming half-baked ideas into tangible, marketable products and services.



A 'Lean Startup' connoisseur with enough 'experience reps' to enthusiastically and successfully lead teams the lean way.



An audacious marketing wizard who has extensive experience conceiving, designing, crafting and implementing forward-thinking and modern marketing strategies.



A web design jedi master with savvy design strategies, user experience (UX) expertism, Usain Bolt like speed, and a knack for making jaws drop.



A trend-setting mobile designer with a bold, modern and minimal approach that's everything you've been looking for, and more.



A fierce content creator with a passion for telling storys, shaping perceptions and communicating things in hyper-engaging formats.




Software, apps, tools, resources and services I'm great with.

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Major 1: Bachelor of Science - Business Management (Dec. 2012)

Major 2: Bachelor of Science - Marketing (Dec. 2012)



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Idea Jab Inc.    //    Kansas City KS/MO

President    //    2016 - 2018

What started as a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, rapidly evolved into a full-fledged entrepreneurship education event company. Our ‘Game Storm’ events were an electrifying new take on traditional ideation events that immersed students in an ultra-fun, non-stop gamified learning experience - that area high schools, colleges and universities clamored about. We even hosted events with students in Australia, Canada and the UK.

My business partner and I took our ideation card game idea farther than we ever imagined, and over the course of this company’s two year journey we learned exponentially more than we did in the four years  we were in business school together.

But it’s far more than simply getting hands on experience with sales and negotiations and manufacturing and logistics and branding and marketing and advertising and international production chains and travel expense mishaps and copyright conundrums and packaging design and bar code regulations and customer support… It’s being the sole decision maker, the entire creative department, the lone web designer, the boss and the intern… and working 16+ hours a day to bring something new into the world.


Our incredible journey has supercharged my knowledge of all things 'startup' and elevated my design expertise. 

Just a couple month ago I made the tough decision to close this business - which is why I'm applying for jobs. It was still doing great, but it wasn’t the life my business partner and I were after so we decided to hand off as much as we could to schools and educators and move on to our next great adventure!

There's a famous startup saying that goes something like "Look around the room, if you don't see a product designer, you are the product designer. And if you don't see a COO, you are the COO. And if you don't see an accountant, software developer, graphic designer, sales staff, customer service rep, or any other... you are all those people."

I've never heard a statement that's more true than that one, and I'm ready to apply my vast universe of knowledge and experience to your company. 

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully hosted ‘Game Storm’ entrepreneurship education events for over 10K students from high-schools, colleges, and universities across America, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

  • Disrupted the entrepreneurship education space and left a permanent mark on experiential learning activities and gamified learning possibilities in educational institutions worldwide.

  • Generated $100K in under a year by selling educational events and products to customers including The Independence School District, The University of Florida, The University of Kansas, the Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, The University of Tampa, and high-schools in Brisbane Australia.

  • Secured partnerships with city officials, boards of education, entrepreneurship organizations, business owners, and nonprofits.


Freelance    //    Kansas City KS/MO

Contract Designer    //    2013 - 2016

These were some fantastic years! I spent most of my days working on exciting & challenging design projects for companies & startups around the world! I was one of the few really highly rated mobile UI/UX designers on these platforms for many years.

Key Achievements:

  • Designed over 100 applications and websites, 50 brands, and thousands of posts and digital contents for social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

  • Created engaging and effective brand designs including logos, typography, icons, colors, and boards.

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Ria Finance    //    Europe

Marketing    //    2012 - 2013

Performed marketing functions for a finance company with locations in Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Developed, implemented, and managed advertising and marketing campaigns and collateral to support diverse products and services. Enhanced brand awareness and generate website traffic.

Key Achievements:

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to develop and implement marketing strategies and projects to engage audiences and cultures across diverse countries.

  • Participated in executive meetings and negotiations to strategize various methods for solving challenging intercultural marketing issues.


About Me


Get to know me

At 8 I opened up a 'golf ball stand' on a nearby golf course - selling lost balls back to golfers at 100% profit margin. I averaged $2,000-$3,000 in profit each summer for the next several years thereafter. It got so popular that one of the homeowners in the neighborhood reported me to the police, claiming that I'm a criminal because I don't pay taxes on those sales... I didn't find out about it until years later, so I guess the police didn't agree. :)

I've hired and managed over 100 freelance contractors - with my first hire when I was 15 years old (via rentacoder). I've learned SOO much from these experiences including (1) how to develop and write an effective project requirement document (2) how to effectively communicate with a remotely located team (3) how to delegate to maximize efficiency when time is not on your side (4) how to resolve conflicts and mediate when issues arise (5) when to negotiate and when to scratch (6) overcoming unexpected obstacles, feature creep and hidden costs - to successfully complete a project without going broke, and (7) how to absolutely dominate by motivating, energizing and leading a diverse team!

If I could have dinner with any 5 people dead or alive, I'd pick: Nikola Tesla, Frank Sinatra, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci & Walt Disney.

I've lived in 6 different cities throughout my adult life: Kansas City, KS - Dallas, TX - Denver, CO - Madrid, Spain - London, England - Venice, Italy.

Random hobbies I've had over the years include: concert piano, orchestral music composition, wake-boarding, paragliding, and competitive curling.


A few of my favorite things

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